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Trump Tops has produced content for Trolls and Trolls World Tour.


The Top Trumps card game normal rules apply to this game as well. Players draw a card they keep in their hand, without revealing the card to the other players. Each round someone calls out one of the cards stats. Everyone then reveals their cards and whomever has the highest number against their state wins that round. They then draw another card and then the next player calls out a stat. The process is repeated until all the cards are used.


Trolls deck

This deck is based on Trolls and features various characters from the movie.

The stats for Trolls are based;

  • Hair Power (ranges from 0-40 points)
  • Confidence (ranges from 0-30 points)
  • Musical Talent (ranges from 0-10 points)
  • Creativity (ranges from 0-30 points)
  • Survival Skills (ranges from 0-50 points)

Card include Trolls, their critters and Bergens. Each card also included facts about that character.

Characters Poppy, Branch and Bridget have two versions and are the only characters featured with two cards dedicated to them. Poppy has "Poppy" and "Baby Poppy" while Branch has "Branch" and "True Colors Branch". The differences between "Poppy" and "Baby Poppy" is that "Baby Poppy" has all of its stats weak, while "True Colors Branch" has higher stats in everything but survival which is weaker. Bridget meanwhile has "Bridget" and "Lady Glittersparkles", with "Lady Glittersparkles" having all of its stats stronger than "Bridget".

Other characters featured include:

There is also a spare card for making up new characters

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour deck

This deck is based on characters from Trolls World Tour.

The stats for Trolls are based;

  • Hair Power (ranges from 0-40 points)
  • Confidence (ranges from 0-30 points)
  • Musical Talent (ranges from 0-10 points)
  • Creativity (ranges from 0-30 points)
  • Courage (ranges from 0-50 points)

"Courage" simply is a renaming of "Survival Skills", meaning that this deck is compatible with the older Trolls. For some translations, the stat's name hasn't changed at all. Therefore so long as this is noted, players can either mix the two decks into one pile every player draws from, or use them against each other with one player having each deck. Aside from the backing of the cards being different, there should be no problems with doing either method.

Cards include;


The only stat changes occur to the renamed Survival Skill;

  • The stats of returning Trolls are similar to the previous deck though some differences in stats have occurred. For example, Poppy has 46 on her Survival Skills/courage on her Trolls card, which is now 45 on her Trolls World Tour card.
  • Cybil has significantly less Survival Skills/Courage on her Trolls World Tour card.
  • Smidge has lost a few points.
  • Biggie has lot a few points.
  • Satin and Chenille have lost a point.
  • Branch has suffered a significant loss from 50 points down to 25.
  • Cloud Guy has suffered a significant loss from 47 points to 6.
  • King Peppy has lost a point.
  • Fuzzbert has lost a few points.
  • Guy Diamond has lost a major number going from 34 down to 15.
  • Mr. Dinkles has lost a couple of points.
  • Maddy has lost several points.
  • Karma has lost 10 points going from 50 to 40.

Harper is the only returning character to have the same stats between the decks and Cooper is the only one to gain them.

While it's unknown why most returning cards lost "Survival/Courage", some are likely storyline-related, though this doesn't explain the others;

  • Branch's significant loss of survival/courage is a reference to his secondary Trolls World Tour plot concerning Poppy.
  • Cooper's is the same with his secondary plot also in the movie.
  • Guy Diamond's drop is a reference to him now having to carry around and tend to his newborn son Tiny Diamond.

The deck lacks a blank card for making up new characters. Non-important stats that are trivia information andt have nothing to do with gameplay aren't included. For example, Poppy's listing as a "Rainbow Troll" is absent on her Trolls World Tour counterpart.


Trolls Top Trumps tin

This is a special promotional item. It contains normal Top Trumps cards, but with a foil backing instead of a normal one.

Match 5

Match 5 is a two-player game in which each player sits on opposing sides of the game-playing section. At the begining of the game, each player draws two cards and they set them in their respective areas. They take turns in pushing out a cube and replacing it with their own, leaving the opposing player with the cube they just pushed. The opposing player then pushes out another cube and puts their cube in its place, leaving the other player with a new cube to put in. Players can't see what each other are doing, and don't know what Trolls they are trying to match. The objective of the game is to match 5 Trolls in a row either horizontally or vertically. They must match 5 of either of their drawn cards, so if a player draws Barb or Guy Diamond, they can only match one of those two.