Troll Forest is a location within Troll Kingdom.


Troll Forest is a dense forest where the Pop Trolls hid. It became their staying place after escaping the Troll Tree to get away from the Bergens. The forest provides a natural environment for them, as well as a lot of natural cover for hiding themselves away in. In fact, Chef previously spent 20 years looking for the Trolls here with no luck, and only found them because Poppy gave their location away by hosting a party to celebrate the escape's 20th anniversary.

Although it protected the Pop Trolls for 20 years, the forest itself can actually be quite dangerous, and a number of dangers Poppy encountered were shown in Get Back Up Again, though some of the music video locations were likely visual gags. Nonetheless, there are a number of predators who would easily feast upon Trolls if they can.

Troll Forest is located east of Vibe City, west of Volcano Rock City, and south of Symphonyville and Lonesome Flats.


The locations in Troll Forest vary per story, though two things that do remain consistent are Pop Village and Branch's survival bunker.

Troll Village/Pop Village

Troll Village, referred to as Pop Village in Trolls World Tour, is the home of the Pop Trolls. It's located somewhere in the northwest part of Troll Forest.

Branch's Survival Bunker

Located near Pop Village, but within reach of the overall forest. Read here for more.

Misty Meadows

Shown in many Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episodes, Misty Meadows is home to a number of wild animals.

Slippery Slope

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Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope is a mountain appearing in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Fluffleberry Quest. According to the episode, it's the most dangerous mountain known to the Trolls.

Tunnels of Certain Death

The Tunnels of Certain Death were used as a means of escape 20 years before the storyline of Trolls. According to Cloud Guy, only one tunnel leads to the Troll Tree while the others lead to certain death, though little is known about their grimness. Trolls: The Beat Goes On! makes numerous references to these tunnels.

Without using the tunnels, the path to Bergen Town leads through a woodland located outside of Troll Kingdom; this area is the former home of the Pop Trolls. The Bergens have littered the woodland area over time.

Bummer Territory

Mentioned in Giggleyum, the Bummer Territory is known to be one of the most uninspiring areas within the forest, and is extremely dull to the point Sky Toronto warned his employees travelling through there that they may not make it back alive. He lists the locations in this area, such as "busy-work bog", "the valley of watching paint dry" and "the bland canyon". It's the only known location where Sparkle Melon can be found.

Field of Blossoms

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The Field of Blossoms

Seen in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode A Flower for Poppy.

Fountain of Glitter

Appearing in Glitter Loss, the Fountain of Glitter is a fountain hidden in a temple that can make anything dipped in its waters glittery. It was considered a legend until King Peppy found it in his adventuring days. Getting to the temple in the first place is dangerous; once one arrives, the entrance can only be unlocked by dancing on a set of arrows. For Glitter Trolls who've lost their glitter, bathing in the fountain is the only way to restore it.

The fountain comes with a warning: "May your shine not exceed your pride". Essentially, the fountain works by making a Troll glittery, but their glitter's brightness is based purely on pride. A proud Troll like Guy Diamond could easily let their pride overwhelm them. If their shine gets too bright, it creates laser-like beams of light that can burn or destroy everything they touch. The only way to control the shine is to show humbleness, although no pride at all will result in a complete lack of shine. Thus, the Troll has to maintain a balance of humble and proud.

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