Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is a TV series adaptation of the Trolls film of the same name. The series premiered on Janurary 19, 2018 on Netflix.


Picking up where the film left off, Poppy and all the fun-loving Trolls adjust to living with their Bergen neighbors in this colorful animated series.[1]



Season 1

  1. A New Bergen-ing/Laughing Out Cloud
  2. Two party System/Fun Branch
  3. Royal Review/Funishment
  4. Bad News Bergens/Unhealthy Competition
  5. Cloudy With a Chance of Hugs/Creek Week
  6. The Giver/Bellow Bug Day

Season 2

  1. Prank Day/Adventures in Dinkles-Sitting
  2. Eye'll Be Watching You/Sorry Not Sorry
  3. Big Poppy/Neighbor War
  4. Remote Out Of Control/Critter Comfort
  5. The Poppy Horror Picture Show/Dinkles Dinkles Little Star
  6. The Party Games/Trolly Tales
  7. Model Behavior/Pillow War

Season 3

  1. The Imposter/The Frenemy
  2. Hair-Jitsu/Crushin' It
  3. Meet the Peppy/Party Crash Course
  4. Trolly Tales 2/Rainbowmageddon
  5. Coop, Where's My Guy?/Fluffleberry Quest
  6. FOMO-OPUP/Lost in the Woods

Season 4

  1. Party Crashed
  2. Weekend at Diamond's/Branchception
  3. The Bunker List/The Interns
  4. Three Troll-keteers/The Helper
  5. Smidgician/DJ's Got Talent
  6. Peril Patch/Sibling Quibbling
  7. Musical Thrones/Branch Bum

Season 5

  1. Wormhole/Ear Worm
  2. Don't Worry Be Peppy/Two's a Cloud
  3. Glitter Loss/New Anthem
  4. Dark Side of the Lagoon/Mr. Glittercakes
  5. Snow Day/Guy Misses Out
  6. Scrap to the Future/Bringing Up Birdy

Season 6

  1. Blank Day/Haircuffed
  2. Marshtato Fairy/Do the Biggie
  3. Hitting the Sky Note/Hug Fest
  4. Chummy Sparklestone/Giggleyum
  5. Glamping/A Flower for Poppy
  6. The Partier's Apprentice/Hair Ball


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  • The trolls have different voices from there movie actors
  • Branch's color always stays the same
  • This gives more insight to the trolls life
  • There is almost or some affiliation with Dreamworks and Netflix
  • There have been what people call it (Broppy) moments
  • The animation is 2D/Traditional
  • Season 6 is indefinite
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