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The Trolls are a species of small creatures of which the DreamWorks Trolls franchise is based upon.

The franchise, until Trolls World Tour, would use the term "Trolls" to refer to the only known tribe of Trolls, the Pop Trolls. Therefore, some conflicting information exists between "Troll" and "Pop Troll". Thus, just because "Pop Trolls" do something doesn't mean that it applies to all Trolls. Despite this, there are noticeable traits all Trolls share, and the species called "Trolls" is one of great diversity. What separates the Troll species boils down to culture, which has created a great deal of diversity per population, even down to appearances.

General Appearance


Branch with the Bergen King Gristle Jr., for size comparison

Trolls are generally small in stature and have long hair. Their bodies can be any color as can their hair. The color palette can be Tribe-specific; for example, Rock Trolls generate with grey and muddy colors, Techno Trolls bright neon colors, and Funk Trolls generate with multiple bright, rainbow-colored stripes in their fur. They're usually 6 inches tall, splitting normally between approximately 3 inches of hair and 3 inches of body. They have hands with 3 fingers plus a thumb, and feet with 4 toes.

Most of the Trolls have soft-felt or fabric-like skin, including the Pop Trolls, Country Trolls and Funk Trolls. There are exceptions, such as Glitter Trolls (who have metallic, glittery texture), The K-Pop Gang (who have chrome color-switch skin), Reggaeton Trolls (who have soft-felt skin, vinyl-looking and smooth markings), Rock Trolls (who have a soft-rock gradient, stone-like skin), and Techno Trolls (who have a smooth, texture-less skin that looks like plastic).

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in terms of body shape. They can vary between bipedal or quadrupedal depending on Tribal origins, though most Trolls are bipedal. A number of them have "good luck gems" where their belly button should be.

There doesn't tend to be much variation among each actual Tribe's separate population. Most designs of each Troll tribe are randomly generated by DreamWorks themselves. This is most likely to save time and money and it tends to extend to 2D animation as well. Large crowds of Trolls are made possible with the use of random generated Trolls wherein color of hair, body and attire, as well as attire design, are simply swapped. Only named characters, or characters serving to be a focus of a scene, are given heavy details.

The Trolls' sexes aren't easily separated, with the only method of telling a male and a female Troll apart is by looking at a Troll's eyes for long eyelashes, which remains the only consistent sexual dimorphic trait. The design of the eyelashes changes per population, but they normally indicate a female Troll. Males otherwise are only picked out by their lack of eyelashes. Exceptions are only given to "unique" designed characters such as Keith or Trollzart, who have eyelashes despite being male. In Keith's case, the circumstances for having eyelashes is that DreamWorks reused Poppy's baby model for his character. Other indications of sex occur in certain tribal clothing (for example, female Rock Trolls tend to wear fishnet tights). In addition, there are many minor feminine and masculine traits that are chosen by the design team of the franchise for each character. For example, Poppy being female has a narrower and more rounded face versus Branch, who has a bigger and wider one; this is inconsistent among overall populations, but is likely to help visualize Poppy as a more feminine character and Branch as a more masculine one.

Types of Trolls

Depending on a Troll's origin, their design, culture and music alter.

The Tribes

There are currently 6 described tribes in the series, each with their own appearance:

  • Pop Trolls are based on the 1980s Troll Dolls toyline.
  • Rock Trolls generally resemble Pop Trolls, but are more wild-looking with aggressive imp-like appearances.
  • Country Trolls are centaur-like with four hooves and a tail.
  • Classical Trolls have wings and puffy hair, resembling a cherub.
  • Funk Trolls have two or four legs and long necks. They're based on Troll animals.
  • Techno Trolls are aquatic with dark bodies covered in bright neon markings.

The Tribes' appearances are distinct enough that it's easy to tell the differences between them.

Known Subcultures

In Trolls World Tour, besides the 6 main Tribes, various "subcultures" or "sub-Tribes" of Trolls also exist, comprised of Trolls that don't fit in any of the main Tribes. It's explained that these Trolls, such as Smooth Jazz Trolls, Reggaeton Trolls, K-Pop Trolls and Yodelling Trolls, are part of the "everything in between" of the major Tribes themselves. For example, while Pop Trolls produce Hip hop Trolls, it seems that Hip hop itself falls close to Funk music, thus making a Hip Hop troll fall somewhere in the middle of the Pop and Funk genres. These Trolls tend not to consider themselves part of their origin Tribe; for example, K-Pop Trolls appear to be a variant of Pop Trolls, but don't identify themselves as part of the Pop Troll tribe.

These subcultures have their own unique designs. For example, Reggaeton Trolls have body markings. As these Trolls came from existing Tribes, they often resemble their parent Tribe more closely in appearance.

Note: Currently, there's no official collective term for these Trolls. The use of "subcultures" and "Subtribes" are therefore used as a superficial term in the absence of an official one. These are attempts to describe these Trolls by fans. Originally the presence of these Trolls were owed to the fact that plot of Trolls World Tour was about how jealous Barb was of pop and these Trolls were said to be "what happens when people stop listening to your music".

Miscellaneous Trolls

Original Classification

In Trolls, the Pop Trolls, then only known as "Trolls", had also been divided by family. Because of this there's also several other minor troll types that developed over time between Trolls and Trolls World Tour within the franchise. These were mostly based on the Trolls' appearance or job. All members of the family tended to be the same type of Troll. For example, King Peppy and his daughter Queen Poppy are both Rainbow Trolls, as is Branch and Grandma Rosiepuff; Satin and Chenille meanwhile are Maker Trolls.

Each family had at least one Troll who served as the design origin archetype:

These terms were in use between 2016-2018, and abandoned from 2019 onwards entirely, except for "Glitter" and "Fuzzling", as these Trolls notably remain. Cooper's family was replaced by the Funk trolls. The only oddity among the families are Satin and Chenille, as unlike other Trolls from the Trolls era, their unique conjoined twin design wasn't used to create a new family, and they were instead placed in the Maker one.

Other Trolls


Trolls: The Beat Goes On! also showed possible future descendants for the Pop Troll tribe, this is the only example of a theoretical future for any Troll Tribe.

Concept art of Ancient Trolls exists, featuring caveman-like designs. This is unused concept art for Trolls World Tour.


In the older family classification, the Retro Trolls existed, but have since been lost in the switch to identification of Trolls by their Tribe instead of family.


The genre of "Disco" is mentioned in passing comment by Branch as a joke, but hinted that Disco Trolls once existed, and have since gone extinct.


Hickory hinted there may be more Trolls that cover the Jazz genre or have existed besides Smooth Jazz, when he comments Chaz's Smooth Jazz is enough to put someone off of Jazz in general.


The original plot for Trolls World Tour involved Barb going after the Pop Trolls because she was jealous of Pop's popularity. Instead of Bounty Hunters in her Rock World Tour, she stopped by a diner where unpopular Troll genres played. Aside from Chaz (named "Jax" at the moment) and the Yodellers, the Trolls she hired were different. The Mariachi Sisters, Little Miss Polka and The Barbershop Boys[1] were all cut from the movie. The Mariachi Sisters were originally in concepts with the name "Los Mariachi Bounty Hunters", and were male before being swapped to female.[1][2] Little Miss Polka was also present in early concepts.[2]



Not much is known about how the Trolls reproduce as of the available information from the franchise. Though child Trolls of each Tribe do have parents, normally both a male and female Troll, little details are given on the Troll reproduction process that leads to the creation of baby Trolls. This is mostly because of the fact the Trolls franchise itself is aimed at children. In fact, the only time any Troll genitalia has been on screen, it was censored out; Biggie accidentally exposed himself during song in Trolls Holiday. Although, it should be noted that naked Trolls like the Glitter Trolls or Tresillo and his females don't have any genitalia on show, so Biggie's accidental exposure may have been just a gag.

The first witnessed birth is from Guy Diamond in Trolls World Tour, who gave birth to Tiny Diamond despite being male; a silver egg shoots out of his hair, and hatches as Tiny slowly descends down to him. Later, a Country Troll female gives birth to a large, smooth egg with a patchwork pattern on it, and without hair. Her own hair simply parted to reveal the egg. Queen Essence held both her Funk Twin identical eggs in her hair; they had a glossy Funk design on them and strands of dreadlocked hair.

Also, just because a parent has a preference for one genre of music, their offspring won't necessarily inherit it and may be one of the subculture Trolls who specialise in a particular niche between the main genres of music. Tiny inherited all of Guy's looks, but his style of music is different from his father's, being a Hip hop Troll. These variations of the basic 6 Troll Tribes are natural occurrences that take place over time.

In The Giver from Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Cooper tells Poppy his life-story beginning with "Darkness... Then I emerge from the womb...", implying that childbirth may be different between different Troll populations; it implied Funk Trolls are viviparous, compared to other Trolls being oviparous. This was later proven false when Cooper ventured to find other Trolls like him; it turned out he was stolen as an egg from his mother Queen Essence's hair.


One of the largest inconsistencies within the franchise comes from infant Trolls. Comparing just baby Poppy from Trolls to Tiny Diamond from Trolls World Tour can lead to a note of density of hair, body size/proportions and capabilities between the two. Most information also focused on young Pop Trolls, and information on other Tribes didn't become available until Trolls World Tour.

Tiny can speak full sentences, while Poppy only said simple words and repeating phrases such as "Dada" and "No Troll left behind". She has a much chubbier body and less hair, while Tiny looks more like a miniature Guy Diamond. While Poppy is much older than Tiny, Tiny still surpassed what she could do when she was younger. In material related specifically to "Baby Poppy", it was noted that King Peppy kept Poppy in his hair, which acted as a playpen. In toys for Gia Grooves and Poppy, it was also noted that baby Trolls hide in other Trolls' hair for playing safely. It was also shown in Trolls during the escape from Bergen Town, where Peppy kept his daughter safe, that Troll babies do hide in their parents' hair. Another reference is found in one of the Troll comics, where Poppy is babysitting baby Trolls and one goes missing after Branch passes by; it turned out the baby Troll hopped into Branch's hair when the pair weren't looking.

In addition, within Trolls: The Beat Goes On! further inconsistency can be found. In the episode Gem Day, Poppy states that the first hair a Troll gets is cut, yet Tiny was born with a full head of hair. In the episode Vega Swift, it's noted that a baby's hair can become out of control, and therefore they need to wear a bonnet to keep it contained, but this isn't shown anywhere else in the series.

Among the Techno Trolls, a young child (Coral Blush) can be seen with his parents. In another scene, Delta Dawn orders Clampers Buttonwillow to attack Poppy and her friends; the miniature Troll opens its mouth and reveals a set of rotating teeth that move like a buzzsaw. It is unknown if this was done for comic relief, or if this is common among the Tribe.

One of the roles that Poppy takes as Tribe leader is to teach young Trolls on "how to be a Troll", but it is unknown if this role applies to any of the other leaders.


As the Trolls grow old, they gain streaks of grey in their hair. Many also loose the volume of their hair and become frizzled. Elderly Trolls often show signs of arthritis and other health issues.

There are not many Trolls shown in the movies who are elders with most Trolls only being of a young adult age such as The Snack Pack. For the Pop Trolls, this can be easily explained by the absence of elders due to their past issues with the Bergens and the Trollstice event, leaving King Peppy as one of the few elderly Trolls to survive from Bergen Town in the movies.

It is common for elderly royals among the Tribes to hand over their crown when their health renders them unable to perform their royal duties. This was seen with both Pop and Rock Trolls Kings, Peppy and Thrash, who handed over their crown to their daughters, Queen Poppy and Queen Barb. They're still referred to by their title of "King" despite not being in charge anymore.


Due to their diminutive size, the Trolls are subject to being prey to a number of larger creatures, with at least one population once fearing from getting eaten by Bergens. The Trolls aren't on the top of their food chain, and therefore have to be wary of any animal capable of eating them.


The general extent of the Troll diet is currently unknown, as most of what the different Troll populations eat hasn't been shown. The known diet traits among the Trolls include:

  • The Pop Trolls eat critters and sweets such as cakes and ice cream.
  • The Rock Trolls consume packaged food and drinks.
  • The Country Trolls drink milk and eat meat from Buffalo-like creatures.
  • The Classical Trolls tend to Eighth Goats.


Bandicam 2020-04-11 23-46-52-131

The map of Troll Kingdom

The Trolls have adapted to a variety of environments, which form "Troll Kingdom" or "Troll's Kingdom". The Kingdom consists of deep oceanic floors, high mountains, forests, volcanic areas and a desert.

The locations depend on what types of Trolls live there. Troll Forest is inhabited by the Pop Trolls who reside in Pop Village, Volcano Rock City by the Rock Trolls, Techno Reef by the Techno Trolls, Lonesome Flats by the Country Trolls, Symphonyville by the Classical Trolls, Vibe City by the Funk Trolls.

Some variations of the map show that Bergen Town is southwest of the Troll Kingdom, located on the border of the Trolls homelands. The Bergens' home is just south of Vibe City and far southwest of Troll Forest. The center of Bergen Town was once a woodland area, which was the original home of the Pop Trolls until they migrated in the wake of the last Trollstice to Troll Forest. So the Pop Trolls originally lived southwest of Vibe City, with Troll Forest, the very center of Troll Kingdom, being actually largely uninhabited by Trolls, but inhabited by many different types of Flora and Fauna.

Troll Culture

The franchise has mostly focused on the Pop Trolls, and thus only their culture has been explored in depth.


Collectively, Troll culture is generally based on song and dance. All Trolls, regardless of their origin, like to dance and sing. The style of music varies per heritage, and variations of their culture have occurred over time.

To each Troll, a Troll of a different variant can seem alien-like. As King Peppy notes, the other Tribes "don't dance like us and don't sing like us". After failing to impress the Country Trolls, Poppy has to come to the realization that not all Trolls want to have fun.

Music of the 6 Main Tribes

The music of each Tribe focuses on different approaches to the music, though many share some similarities with each other:

  • Pop - The Pop Trolls like to focus on the feeling of happiness, viewing music as having fun. Included in their music is rap, medleys, remixes and use of autotune.
  • Rock - The Rock Trolls like music which makes them feel awesome with emphasis on meaningful lyrics. Included in their music are power cords and traditional band-style music using drums and guitars.
  • Country - The Country Trolls like music that is empathetic about the reality of life and thus often sad. Included in their music are more exotic instruments like banjos and Jew's harps.
  • Classical - The Classical Trolls like music that invokes beauty and harmony, putting less emphasis on lyrics than the other tribes. Included in their music is traditional European-style instruments such as flutes, harps, drums and violins and they form into large groups of musicians all contributing to various roles.
  • Funk - The Funk Trolls' music focuses on "feeling good" and ensuring everything is alright, even when it isn't. Included in their music is bass guitars and other band instruments, vocals and beats. With the recent influx of Hip hop, rap has entered their music as well.
  • Techno - The Techno Trolls' music is based around positive vibes, bringing out excitement, and carefree feelings. Included in their music is DJ-style remixing, loops, synthesizers, autotune and general repetition.

The music of the 6 main Tribes isn't stoic, and can evolve as a result of change, though they stay within the realms of their domain. New inspirations and ideas can lead to new Trolls being born who tweak the formula of the Tribes. As a result, new kinds of Trolls that never existed before come into existence.

The Subcultures and their "in-between" music

As explained by King Peppy, there are Trolls who serve as the "everything in-between" the main 6 Tribes music, and are born capable of only serving a niche genre, regardless if it's an existing or new one. These Trolls don't fit perfectly within the six main Troll tribes as a result, and are their own genres such as Hip hop Trolls, Smooth Jazz Trolls, Reggaeton Trolls, K-Pop Trolls, or Yodelling Trolls. As seen with Tiny Diamond, these Trolls are born to existing Tribe members, as his father Guy Diamond is a Pop Troll.

However, just as new music can evolve from existing tribes, it can also die out, which was the possible fate of the Disco Trolls.

Multi-Genre Trolls

Prince Darnell explains that Trolls can be born to accept more than just their Tribe's culture, as both Cooper and he are only part Funk (Cooper is part Pop and Darnell is part Hip hop). These Trolls start off with their parents' music, and then deviant off in a new direction when they find a new approach.


The technology that each Tribe uses varies, and is often focused around common themes associated with their music, plus environmental factors. For example, the Country and Classical Trolls are low-tech while Rock, Techno and Funk Trolls have modern, digital and futuristic technologies respectively.

While it's not explained why technology can contrast greatly between Tribes, one hint may come from the Country Trolls. Delta Dawn mentions in Born to Die "We don't hope for makin' things better, All we want is to keep it together". The song goes on to point out that their tough life leads to a tough heart, while explaining the low technological advancements of the Tribe. Therefore, it is the approach of each Tribe what results in the technological divide. In contrast to the Country Trolls, Vibe City, which roams an even harsher desert landscape, is one of the most advanced parts of Troll Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Pop Trolls don't want to destroy the forest that keeps them safe; their "pods" are made of their own hair because it's biodegradable, so they're more likely to go for recyclable technology, in contrast to the Rock Trolls, who have no issues with destroying things unnecessarily.

The Trolls often use various Fauna in addition to their technology, with the Funk Trolls being the only Tribe to not use them at all and be completely reliant on technology.

Tribe Interactions

Trolls are generally carefree and friendly towards their own kind, but some aggression is displayed to other Tribes, and the Tribes do clash in their ideology. Most Tribes don't seem to understand the overall culture of each other, as when Satin and Chenille attempt disguises of Rock Trolls, they show misunderstanding of their style. Poppy fails to impress the Country Trolls with her Pop medley, which was meant to "cheer" them up.

As seen in trailers for Trolls World Tour, Poppy's first reaction to Country Trolls is to note "the Country Trolls look friendly". Pop Trolls are mostly friendly themselves, but soon find out moments later the Country Trolls are quite unfriendly towards people who cross them. Likewise, the Country Trolls felt sorry for the Pop Trolls as "they look like they got beat up by a rainbow". Barb displays a desire for Rock music to be the dominant music among the Trolls, to the point of going out of her way to rid the world of everything but her own culture's style of music.

It is shown that the ability for different Tribes to get along has always existed before the events of Trolls World Tour, as Cooper, a Funk Troll, lived among the Pop Trolls for years without them even knowing he was a Funk Troll himself, or where he came from.

Troll Abilities

While individual Tribes have abilities that only apply to them, there are some collectively common abilities shared by all Trolls.

Troll Hair

Troll hair is a defining trait of the Trolls; all of them have it. Their hair has special properties. Due to the lack of current coverage of the other Tribes in Trolls World Tour, it is unknown how much applies to just the Pop Trolls, as the true extent of Troll hair capabilities hasn't been explored, with the Classical, Rock and Techno Trolls having to show anything related to their hair yet.

Trolls have the ability to outstretch their hair and use as it an extra limb for hanging from trees. It's also used in part with their ability to camouflage themselves with their environment, as Trolls can change the color of their hair. The Pop Trolls use their hair to make their homes called "pods", so Troll hair is quite strong and endurable. Branch notes in Troll 2 Troll that a Troll's hair is their best defence; mousse and gel limit its movements. Their hair is strong and durable enough to lift up another Troll, though it's not that strong when compared to a Bergen.

Not all the Trolls are able to use their hair in the same way, and thus not all Tribes can make their hair work the same way as another Tribe.

The Funk Trolls' hair doesn't seem to be as effective as that of the Pop Trolls for general use. They still can do some of the natural Troll hair abilities, as Cooper was able to join in with the rest of The Snack Pack while creating Bridget's "Lady Glittersparkles" wig. They instead have fur on their bodies with special properties to make up for the lacking in other areas. Their hair resembles wool, whereas other Trolls' hair is more hair-like, often being completely limp and hanging down rather than sticking up like the other Troll Tribes'.

Growley Pete, a Country Troll, is also seen using his mustache as a lasso, though it's unknown if males of other Tribes are able to do the same.

As mentioned elsewhere, Troll hair also helps keep young Trolls safe by providing a place for them to play and hide in. Troll Eggs are also kept in the hair of the Troll, and thus Troll babies are born from the safety of their parents' hair. This is seen in both the Pop Trolls and Country Trolls. The Techno Trolls' hair, which resembles optical fibre threads, seems to be an exception, as it doesn't provide the same level of protection to their youth. The Techno Trolls' hair hangs down out of water, while it flows with the current underwater.

Their hair doesn't always cooperate. In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Trolly Tales 3, Gia Grooves has her hair to go out of control, and is told that it'll take her all day to get it back under control. In the ASK POPPY episode "Bad Hair Day", Guy Diamond has the same problem caused by a cowlick, and Poppy finds it impossible to restyle it for him. This was also the plot of one of the Trolls comics from Egmount, titled "Bad Hair Day".

Another note from The Art of the Trolls and other merchandise is when Branch gains his True Colors, his hair grows to its full length; this meant he was finally living to his full potential. A similar event happens with Barb in Trolls World Tour as her hair is notably short. Her mohawk's sudden growth and coloration echoed the way Branch's hair grew, and how Rainbow Trolls show their true colors at their full potential.

It was also mentioned in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Much Achoo About Nothing that critters can become allergic to Troll hair and Funk Troll fur.



When Chef went looking for Princess Poppy and King Peppy, this is all she could see; the pair were completely hidden.

When a Troll is scared, very unhappy, frightened greatly or loses hope, they gain a grey coloration. The act of turning grey is confirmed in The Art of the Trolls to be a natural response for Trolls, and is a natural camouflage that allows them to blend in and hide with their surroundings. For some Tribes such as the Pop Trolls, this allows them to quickly hide away if threatened among their forest environment, as was seen when Poppy hid King Peppy from Chef in Trolls. Their forest surroundings provide a great deal of places for them to hide the otherwise vividly colored Pop Trolls.

This usually lasts for a brief period of time, but can last for years if the Troll feels deeply saddened, as in the case of Branch. As this impacted Cooper, a Funk Troll, it is not something just restricted to the Pop Trolls, and other Tribes can lose color as well. In addition, their hair can change color, which also aids in their natural camouflage, allowing them to hide in flowers or tall grass. The effectiveness of this natural camouflage varies, as Cooper was caught by Chef in Trolls because his long neck limited his use of effective camouflage compared to the Pop Trolls.

This concept isn't always shown throughout the franchise, as Trolls: The Beat Goes On! never touches upon it.

True Colors


Poppy and Branch (center) with Branch showing his "True Colors", as the other Pop Trolls regain theirs.

When a Troll is at their happiest, they're their brightest. Some Trolls such as the Rainbow Trolls even have hidden "True Colors", which is a reference to the song of same name. This makes them have a very bright coloration, as well as a glow.

Similar to their ability to turn grey if threatened, this isn't always shown throughout the franchise.

Branch generally struggles with maintaining his True Colors, but it's often implied throughout Trolls media that they're "beautiful" to behold for the other Pop Trolls.

Other Abilities

Eating a Troll grants the feeling of happiness to Bergens.

Some variants such as Glitter Trolls and Fuzzlings have abilities that are only unique to them.

In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode Gem Day, it is mentioned that the first hair a baby Troll gets is cut and then planted. As the Troll grows and becomes happy, the hair turns into a flower. When it blooms, it produces a specific gem for the Troll, which is known as a "Troll Gem". It can be presumed that the Troll Gems apply to all Trolls and not just the Pop Trolls, as Cooper has one. The gem glows when the owner sings, and isn't the same as the gems found on Treasure Trolls.


The Story of the Strings

6 ancestors

The 6 ancestors from King Peppy's speech. Left to right: Pop, Techno, Funk, Country, Rock, Classical

Long ago, the ancestors of the 6 Tribes created the Strings, 6 in total. These were based on their respective cultures, of which each was centralized on a particular type of music: Pop, Classical, Rock, Techno, Funk and Country.

At some point, the Tribes initially coexisted, until the Pop Trolls' leader stole the entire harp out of pure selfishness, which made the Pop Trolls' population to expand. After the remaining Troll elders retrieved their respective strings, they became isolated from each other, each going to their own separate corners of the Troll lands and creating their own kingdoms.


The 6 elders. Left to right: Country, Rock, Classical, Funk, Pop, Techno

The Bergens

The Pop Trolls were also left with the white harp that once held all the 6 strings. They especially became isolated from the other Troll kingdoms, due to the events of the first Trolls film, and were prisoners of the Bergens.

They escaped 20 years before the main storyline of Trolls, and rebuilt their Kingdom deep within Troll Forest. But they remained isolated from the rest of the world.

The Rock World Tour

Queen Barb decides to invade the other 5 kingdoms to get their Strings and erase all music except for Rock. In response, Queen Poppy of the Pop Trolls decides to rally all the Tribes against her.

Barb succeeds at her plan, but the Strings end up getting destroyed by Poppy. With the strings now gone, the Trolls have finally stopped relying on them and now draw music from themselves. In addition, the isolation of the Tribes ended, and they now live with each other again.


Brief History

See Troll Dolls.

DreamWorks Trolls

Their designs are based on elements of the various Troll toys that became popular in the 1990s.

  • The Funk Trolls are based on a giraffe Troll.
  • Many of the toylines by Russ had gems for belly buttons, which is where the presence of gems on Trolls in the DreamWorks Trolls franchise come from.
  • The Rainbow Trolls get their name from a toyline known as "Rainbow Trolls".
    • Queen Barb was likely inspired by the "Punk Rock" Troll of the same line.
  • The Treasure Trolls are also named after a toyline of the same name.
  • Naked Trolls such as Glitter Trolls, Reggaeton Trolls, Classical Trolls, etc. are a reference to the 1990s Troll Dolls, which didn't always have clothing.

Note: Different concepts for the Trolls can be found on their pages throughout the Trolls wiki and this section will only briefly touch on their designs to note the tie-in with Trolls Dolls.

Poppy was one of the first Trolls made, and Branch was made to match her design. The film developers also found during their research the existence of Troll dolls based on animals, with a giraffe doll attracting attention to them; this doll is the basis for Cooper and the Funk Trolls, with Cooper's original design being more giraffe-like. He was later changed and went through a host of redesigns before one was settled on. In The Art of the Trolls, it was stated that Guy Diamond had been based on the 1960s Trolls, while Poppy and Branch were based on the 1990s Trolls. Poppy was originally conceptualized in the style of the 1980/1990s curvy style of Trolls, but this was dropped in favor of a more stylized design that was "ugly-cute". During early production, the staff had also experimented with the original "human-baby" look to the designs, but had opted out of this. Throughout the concepts, Trolls were given gems and then had them taken away. with DJ Suki ending up to be one of the few to keep hers in design.

The wormhole scene from Trolls Holiday

Trolls Holiday pays homage to the toys that inspired the film, as when Poppy and her friends venture through a "wormhole", they change to look like the toys.

Despite the numerous dolls in the 1960s and 1980s/1990s, there was a lack of previous animation and story-based literature. This meant that DreamWorks had much freedom to take the Trolls in any direction they wanted and originally they were not based on a musical theme.

For a video on previous Troll shows, see here.


  • The 6 Troll Tribes have some influences from mythology:
    • The Pop Trolls are loosely based on elves, though the term "Elf" is considered a racial slur to them. In Trolls World Tour, it was noted they were like "Forest Sprites".[3]
    • The Rock Trolls are based on rockers, but due to their ears, they likely have been drawn to look like an imp or goblin.
    • The Country Trolls are based on centaurs.
    • The Classical Trolls are based on cherubs.
    • The Funk Trolls are based on animals.
    • The Techno Trolls are based on Merfolk.


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