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Trolls Live! is a stage performance.

The show begun to be advertised in last 2019, and started to show in Jan, 2020. It was scheduled to play across different venues in the USA throughout 2020. Each venue sees the show last normally 2 days, with often a 4 days interval between each show.


Get ready for another hair-raising adventure when Poppy, Branch and all their Trolls friends come to life on stage in Trolls LIVE!, their first ever live tour! The journey begins when the Trolls’ Hug Time is unexpectedly put at risk. Knowing that the only way to save it is by doing what the Trolls do best, Poppy hosts a toe-tapping, Trolls-tastic show! Poppy, Branch, Cooper, Cloud Guy, Smidge, Guy Diamond, Fuzzbert, Biggie (and of course Mr. Dinkles) invite you into the colorful world of Trolls Village for this interactive performance, jam-packed with all the music, glitter, humor and happiness that only the Trolls can create. This is one Trolls party you won’t want to miss!


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