Yodelling Trolls are the subculture of which Hickory and Dickory belong with. The brothers are the only known members, leaving some vagueness. It is unknown if other Yodelling Trolls existed before them, or currently besides them.


Due to Hickory and Dickory being the only members of the subculture, not much can be said about how Yodelling Trolls generally look like. Even though, the pair wear unique outfits when compared to other Trolls.



Yodelling Trolls love yodelling, but it's implied that Hickory is not so passionate as Dickory is, and is willing to try other genres of music. They view their music as beautiful.

Of all the subculture Trolls, Hickory and Dickory are considered to be the most mysterious ones, with Riff quoting them more by rumor than by fact at one point. The pair are crafty and patient schemers willing to go to length to protect their music.


The Yodellers' music has the ability to carry over distance and the pair were able to attract Queen Barb's attention by yodelling.

Riff's quoted rumour implies they also have the ability to cause avalanches.


The Yodelling Trolls were at some point born from within the existing Tribes as a random variant or mutation on their Tribes genre of music, as part of the "in between" category of music. Their origin Tribe is currently unknown, but this led to a new type of Troll coming into existence.

Queen Poppy sends an invite to Queen Barb containing a Glitter Bomb that explodes in her face she summons the most notorious bounty hunters. The Yodellers did not show for the meeting and Riff told her he heard a rumor about them falling victim to an avalanche.

In reality, the pair infiltrated the Country trolls tribe disguised as a Country Troll, with Hickory head the head and his brother reduced to being the horse back-end. They bust out Poppy, Branch and Biggie when Delta Dawn throws them in jail for their "crimes against music". Though Branch is suspicious about Hickory, Poppy is convinced her judgement of him is not off. After Chaz fails to take the trio of Pop Trolls, he is sent flying by Hickory, who used Gumdrops to avoid being put into a trance by his Smooth Jazz music.

Hickory and Dickory continue their act throughout the time the group spends with the Funk Trolls. When Branch leaves Poppy after a fight, Poppy carelessly shows Hickory the Pop String which causes Dickory to drop the disguise. The pair alert Barb to Poppy's location and she is captured.

Later, they are seen in the audience at Barb's World Tour victory concert, when Poppy copied Hickory's Gumdrop trick to avoid succumbing to the effects of Barb's Ultimate Power Chord, which made her look like a Rock Zombie but didn't put her under Barb's control due to Poppy using gumdrops as earplugs that she learned from Hickory back at the boat eariler.


Yodelling is a style of singing where the voice sings loudly and rapidly changes between normal and head-voice or falsetto singing results. Yodelling was popularized in the Alps, but has been practiced worldwide in many cultures. Hickory and Dickory's appearances draw inspiration from Austria Crooners.


  • It may seem odd for them to assume the role of a Country Troll, but Country and Western music do cover the genre of Yodelling. Cowboy film stars Gene Autry and Roy Rogers were both yodellers, and yodelling songs were used in many of their western films.
  • Similar to the Reggaeton Trolls and Smooth Jazz Trolls, it is uncertain where the Yodelling Trolls fit in within the tribes and their origins. While the parent Tribe is unknown, it is likely their niche falls close to the Country Trolls, due to the pair's ability to infiltrate and Hickory being able to act like a Country Troll as well as sing their style.

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